You coincided in June

next to the river Dulce,

between full moon and

waning moon.


In the distance Venus

raised bright

as a star.


In the transparent night

the universe looked out

between the trees;

weightless, floating,

millions of tiny lights


filtering through the leaves:

the mysterious world

in and out.


The owl set the beat

for the night.

The warbling of the stream

filled the canyon

with its trills.

Blackbird slept,

nightingale was quiet.

Between air and water

expanded life.


Walnuts, jasmines,

black poplars, goldfinches,

horseflies, men,

clovers, trouts,

cherries, snakes,

aspens, rooks,

fields and rivers,

trusting slept,

dreaming of the coming

of a new day.





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