Wake up, poet,

and dream!


Open wide those eyes

and take a deep breath!


Don’t you notice the blue smell

of life

that impetuously breaks

inside and outside you,

calling you;

the one thousand worlds that exist

floating by everywhere



Come on, brother, mess up

that way of thinking,

stop the world!

How comes this fear

of what might happen


this fear of the


if you yourself are a



Give once and for all

free rein to your fantasy.

Does anything tie you to this old

mothball Establishment?

As long as dusk

is not for you

no more than turning on a light

and life no more than the

way to


with terrified eyes blindfolded

by cultural appraisals,

you’ll know nothing,

you’ll see nothing.

like it or not you won’t care

about anything.


Come on, man,

don’t let anybody steal

your freedom,

don’t let anybody make

your life

an example worth



never allow

anybody to snatch

the responsability for your acts!


Reconcile yourself with the moon

that lights, really beautifully,

the path of stars,

and live, humble and generous,

among men!



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