Ah, what exists,

what merciless order deploys

from the first star

that explodes in darkness

till the last rattle

of a man that’s dying

and he sees advancing upon him,

at a thousand kilometers per hour,

the shadow;

what infinite tenderness creates

in the heart of men

that lean out of the life

with child’s eyes!


This world in which we


is inhuman,

’cause, how, if not, seeing

oneself moaning

with pain and

clenching one’s fists

in a rage?


Blinding shone

the suns at night,

tiny planets reflected

shiny their light:

nobody saw it.

In vain the seasons

painted their course in

grass’s  tender,

cloud puddle’s pink,


sunflower fields tilted

absorbed their little heads:

nobody looked at that



And now we are here,

visitors of existence.

“Welcome!”, was said to us

what was already over.

“Open wide your eyes

and breathe deeply

while you can:

the same force that

sinks the sun under the skyline

forgetting that a short time before

he had married him at dawn

he will tire of you

after having loved you

so many dusks”.


(You don’t have a heart,

entire world universe,

the black and cold vacuum

is your Lord and you always

end up bowing your head

submissively before him,

energy expanding toward

matter or what you are,

merciless passage of



You don’t have a heart,

studded night,

star meadow, moon

lovely pasture!


You don’t have a heart,

winter silent black poplars,

water loyal mates;

hills that shelter

in your motherly lap

the humble frost

from sun!).



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