Life is an adventure

and as such we must face it.


With every new day a thousand different ways

open before us,

with every new night mistery comes

and swallows all of them.


With what guarantee do you think that you are the same

every time you look at yourself in the mirror?

Perhaps the mirror is the same?


When you exist,

what importance will have the past that

does not exist,

the future that

does not exist?


Sailing on the waves of the time,

just a moment to greet

triumphant to our great sun

that shines thunderous above

and stand by for boarding

with the shuddered shout

that we are.


(That’s what I thought a certain

rainy autumn’s morning

while I darned my socks

in a time that I dreamt

in changing my life

moving away with slaps

the petty details of everyday).



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