Lady of the dusk

that illuminates with its undefined light

the fissure between both worlds;

goddess of the life that

passes pregnant with death

above and below

the earth.


Little devil that subverts the poets

making them take care of one half of themselves

and to neglect the other;

symbol loaded palm tree

that gave shade to Mohammed

on his way to the mountain.


Fidelity of lovers

that know

that there is no more partner that life,

as long as it lasts;

discernment of the wise men

that did dare to love.


Language of what exists,

that which punctuates the acacias with the sun

and accents the cypresses with the moon

and writes its conclusions in the pages of the sea,

harmony of the things.


Shifting face energy

that, as time goes by, sneers

and draws worlds

and mocks the arrogant men,

so exact and cruel.



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