Wise man


To my grandfather, Homo erectus,

that coexisted for one million years,

since more than two and a half,

with Australopithecus,

poor hominid to wipe out,

my deep understanding of

his dull fear

of an animal in danger.


Over the millions of years,

from our mean one hundred and thousand,

my supportive hug,

from one species to another.


When the edge of time

raises me to life

in its fleeting passage

I feel compelled to revive in my memory

the deep abyss from which I emerge

to do my somersault in the sun.


Depths of the forest of time

where I spot shadows that lie in wait for

the moon to come out

to check that there,

on the other side,

life keeps shining.


Awful loneliness of the years lost

in the depth  of the ages,

they would not know whether to say

if yesterday had existed

or if there were a tomorrow.


Shooting star that in a moment

traced its existence

and if anybody saw it perhaps,

nobody cared.





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